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Is Jesus the Only Way? Part 1

How do we examines the different messages in our world today? What about Jesus? Is Jesus just one of many ways to consider, or is Jesus God in the flesh?...

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Is Jesus the Only Way? Part 2

Is Jesus the only way? Is Jesus just one of many ways? Both questions are questions about beliefs, and at the core level all beliefs are exclusive, therefore, lets examine the type of fruit these beliefs produce. ...

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God’s Wisdom Found In Israel’s Usury Laws: Part 2

The first thing to realize is that charging interest increases the money supply. We know the Greek’s understood this because their word for interest, tokos, means birth or offspring. They equated charging interest with multiplication like breeding animals or planting for harvest. For example, if I borrow $100 to buy something, and I have to pay back $110, that means th...

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Life of Samson

Samson is gifted with incredible strength, but those gifts end up leading Samson toward self-sufficiency....

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God’s Wisdom Found In Israel’s Usury Laws: Part 1

Even before the people of Israel entered the Promised Land, God gave them the system of laws He wanted their new nation to live by. If you read through the Mosaic Law in Exodus, Numbers, Leviticus, and Deuteronomy you notice that most of the laws are about how to worship Yahweh properly, how to treat each other on a personal level, and how to make restitution to victims o...

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Enduring patience to bring hope into our lives

The Lord still brings the promise of a deliverer even when we aren't looking for a deliverer....

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The Celebration of Judges 5

In Judges 5 we see celebration of God's grace and goodness, and it is a reminder that we must celebrate God's grace and goodness in our lives today. ...

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God's Love Through Discipline

In Judges 3 we see the Lord raising up King Eglon against Israel, so that Israel lives under oppression for 18-years. How do we reconcile God's love for His people when we see Him strengthening enemy kings to bring oppression?...

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The Ethics Of Capitalism

Any human idea or system is not going to be perfect. There will always be opportunities for misuse. Some argue that it is inherent to capitalism for powerful people to exploit others. Others believe exploitation can only be accomplished by moving away from capitalism toward a more centrally controlled economy. I don’t have the ability to identify which is which. What ...

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How does the Lord respond when we turn to sin over and over?

How does the Lord respond when we turn to sin over and over and over?...

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