“Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.”
Philippians 4:6

God’s Word teaches us that we are invited by the God of creation to bring all our thoughts, joys, concerns to Him.  It’s called prayer.  In our church family we want to help one another feel more comfortable with prayer so we have a few avenues where this could take place:
  • Sunday Morning:  At 10am we will have people from our Prayer Team at the church early for prayer.  You can grab them on a Sunday morning or you can email them (information below) to let them know you are coming.  
  • After the Sermon:  Immediately after the sermon and through the rest of the worship service we will always have someone from the Prayer Team at the back of the sanctuary available for prayer.  This is always a great time to grab someone from the Prayer Team!
  • During the Worship Service:  Our Prayer Team is always praying for our church family during the worship service.  Not every Sunday but sometimes the Holy Spirit will put people on the hearts and minds of our Prayer Team, so they might approach you during the worship service and ask you to step to the back so they can pray for you.  
  • Email:  You can always email the Prayer Team ([email protected]) at any time in the week!  They would love to pray with you or for you.  
  • Church Family:  Our desire is to create a culture of prayer.  When you hear someone in our church family expressing joy, concern, fear, confusion, discouragement; take 30 seconds to pray with your church family on the spot!
  • Community Groups:  Soon, someone from the Prayer Team will be visiting our Community Groups to teach on prayer, model prayer, and help our church family continue to grow in prayer. 

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Praying for one another is an important way to unify the body of Christ. We know the Father is always listening, and we’d like to come alongside you in prayer.

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